How our photo booth services works!

Never have been in a photo booth before?  Don't fear!  It will be so much fun you will come back time after time! Follow the link above to read more!

First find the prop you want to pose with

*  The guests sit inside the booth and the booth assistant will press a button which starts the automated process of shooting 4 images, each image is displayed after so they can see what they’ve got.

*  After final shot is taken, the message will be displayed "All done wait while your photos are printed".

*  Once you exit the photo booth, the next guests can enter for their session.

*  The entire print process takes 50 seconds!

*  Prints comes out completely dry and ready to view and share with others.

*  All ages qualify to have their photos taken as long as they can strike a pose!

*  We have a friendly operator available for the duration of the hire period!

*  We have an array of funny, silly, classic & fun props to choose from.

*  You get unlimited photographs for the duration of the hire.

* You also receive all your photographs on a USB flash drive to print afterwards.